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6 Local Businesses to Use for National Mom and Pop Business Day (March 29)

March 19, 2019 | By Emma Frost

If you live in Kentucky, you might have seen the phrase, “Keep Louisville Weird” on a billboard or bumper sticker, but what does that really mean? 

The Louisville Independent Business Alliance adopted this slogan to remind us that when we spend our money at local businesses, we breath financial life into the independent establishments that make the city funky, unique and truly one of a kind.

Where to Shop This National Mom and Pop Business Day

Healthy Eating Meal Prep

If your hectic lifestyle has let your finances get away from you and payday is still a week away, you might be thinking, "Where can I find a payday loan near me?" – but putting food on the table might be one less thing to worry about on your plate!

Healthy Eating Meal Prep is a local business that takes the stress out of meal planning. You can order meals from a rotating menu of dishes on their website ahead of time instead of drive-thru dining last minute for healthy and comfortably priced meals all week long.

Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ

This isn’t your momma’s BBQ! Momma’s Mustard, Pickles, & BBQ boasts 2 locations in Louisville (as well as their famous food truck) and a menu jam-packed with smoked barbecue goodness at family-friendly prices.

Another added altruistic aspect is that a meal at Momma’s comes with a side of charity – 2% of all sales go to Louisville organizations like:

    • Special Olympics of Kentucky
    • Home of the Innocents
    • Louisville Sierra Club
    • Olmstead Parks Conservancy
    • Dare to Care
    • The Healing Place

Their 2% for Louisville program has raised and distributed over $205,460 since 2017, so consider going to Momma’s Mustard, Pickles, & BBQ this Mom and Pop Business Day to get a rack of ribs while giving back to your community! 

Naturally Me 502

Kishya Hayden is the driving force behind this small business, so chances are you’ll see her delivering orders all over the 502 or at one of her pop-up stores. This small business specializes in natural, handmade clays, soaps, body butters, and even lip balm. 

But if you think the soothing luxury and gentle fragrances of this local lifestyle brand are just for the ladies, think again. Naturally Me 502 also offers a variety of beard balms and oils, and even features a “gentlemen set” that’s the perfect gift for the handsomely hirsute.


You can help support this one-woman operation by visiting the Naturally Me 502 website and discovering a great local self-care line this Mom and Pop Business Day. 

Block Party Handmade Boutique

A proud member of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA), Block Party is an artist-run community co-op with two locations in Louisville where all items are handcrafted, and local and regional artists converge to display and sell their work.

A payday loan can help you out if you're short on cash, but if you have artistic talents to share and some time to spare, you can even apply to the co-op and put your handmade art up for sale. Be a patron of the arts this Mom and Pop Business Day, and meet the local artists that help keep Louisville weird!

Louisville Grows

If you want a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box that gives back to your local community, look no further than Louisville Grows! Louisville Grows began in partnership with Gate of Hope Ministries International to start the Hope Community Garden.

This garden provides plots for 35 families to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, and hosts on-site events to fight food insecurity and promote urban agriculture.

Subscribing to this CSA program can help feed resettled refugees, grow a happier tomorrow for your community and provide healthy and affordable produce for your family this Mom and Pop Business Day.

Saving Sunny

Chances you already know that getting a dog from a shelter is a far better option than paying thousands to a breeder or buying from a puppy mill. Saving Sunny can connect you with your new best friend and even offer pet-owners support programs from training to spay/neuter services and basic veterinary care.

Saving Sunny has a soft spot for Pit Bull Terriers and hosts Pit-positive school visits, media relations and other community events in the greater Louisville Metro Area to build a more compassionate community for animals and humans alike. Adopt a friend, volunteer your time, or check out the Saving Sunny Shop for some gear for a special doggy treat this Mom and Pop Business Day!

How Will You Celebrate This National Mom and Pop Business Day

Every city has its individual appeal. If you have money left over after Valentine's Day, why not celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Day this March 29th and skip the chain stores in favor of supporting your local small businesses? 

You can even take pictures of your meal or product or follow them on Facebook and Twitter to produce some buzz via social media. After all, nothing says success quite like happy customers. Want to participate but not sure where to start? Here are some great local businesses that you can support this Mom and Pop Business Day!