above average minimum wage jobs

Want To Earn More Money? Here’s Our Guide To Above Minimum Wage Jobs

Everyone who works for minimum wage will tell you that it’s not an easy way to live, even for those who live in states where the minimum wage is higher than the national average ($7.25 an hour).

So, is it even possible to find a way to survive off the minimum wage job if you live in the States? How about looking for a great new job that offers you the salary you deserve? It may be easier than you think. We’ve come up with a list of above minimum wage jobs that you might try to apply for to give yourself a little raise. Several companies may even surprise you.

Top 7 Above Minimum Wage Jobs You May Be Interested In

1. Ben And Jerry’s

The good news: Ben and Jerry’s values its employees so much that it actually reevaluates its minimum wage every year. In 2020, it was raised to a whopping $18.13, $10 more than the federal minimum wage that hasn’t changed in the past 10 years. What makes option even more attractive among other above minimum wage jobs is that you will work for an ice cream company.

2. Costco

The wholesale chain with a cult following consistently ranks highly on lists of the best places to work. A big reason: It’s a minimum wage of $16, double the federal minimum, and the average pay is actually $24 for hourly employees, says CEO, W. Craig Jelinek. All that and easy access to its legendary rotisserie chicken and hot dogs? Sign us up.

3. The Home Depot

Those who work in this home improvement chain say that this is one of the best above minimum wage jobs that you can take due to the benefits. Payscale reports that cashiers earn somewhere between $10-$14 an hour. Sales associates? About $10-$16 an hour. Department supervisors can bank as much as $20 an hour. Merit pay is awarded to top employees, who also get such perks as paid time off, discounts on travel and cell phone plans, and retirement/insurance coverage.

above average minimum wage jobs

4. Target

If you like retail, you may find Target the best above minimum job option to consider. Target Team Members (as the red-shirted employers are called) always had a higher-than-average starting wage, around $11, but last year it raised the starting minimum wage to $15 an hour. Target now offers additional perks, such as COVID-19-related benefits such as free access to virtual doctors and paid leave for those at risk, making this an even more desirable above minimum wage job.

5. Wells Fargo

Believe it or not, several big-name banks offer employees generous starting wages. Wells Fargo is a big one, raising its minimum wage to $15 for every single employee by the end of 2020. At some Wells Fargo locations, the minimum wage goes up to $20 an hour, which is now Bank of America’s starting pay. Another company, Fifth Third Bank, upped its minimum wage in 2019 to $18 an hour.

6. Trader Joe’s

Do you love shopping at this specialty grocery store? The employees generally love working there. Lower-level employees, called crew earn nearly $15 an hour on average. Employees are frequently promoted from within and get twice-yearly evaluations to see if they qualify for high annual raises. According to Indeed.com, even crew employees get inexpensive vision, medical and dental coverage, too.

7. Ikea

Ikea is another one of the companies offering the above minimum wage jobs that you can try to apply for. The Swedish furniture chain known for its inexpensive but attractive goods pays its employees an average of $14 an hour, but sales associates often make about $19 an hour. The company also pays its warehouse employees handsomely, up to $21 an hour. And yes, you get food and merchandise discounts.

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