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Special Day Trips in Kentucky for Families

If you’ve been looking for some day trips in Kentucky for families that include entertainment for the kids, we can help you out! We have come up with a few ideas to enjoy time with your loved ones on your day trip!

Below you will find the best day trips in Kentucky for families that include exploring caves, basking in the sun, and enjoying an abundance of nature.

Top 5 Day Trips In Kentucky For Families

If you are looking for adventure, we’ve got the perfect suggestions for your road trip. And if you want to relax and enjoy some of nature’s finest attributes, we’ve got that covered too!

1. Spend a Day at Mammoth Cave National Park

Many of world’s most remarkable gems are hidden underneath the ground you walk on! Mammoth Cave National Park is recognized as the longest cave (400+ miles) in the entire world that has incredible views.

If you want to feel like you are in another world, then spending a day exploring the many wonders in these extraordinary caves will do the job!

2. Enjoy the Equine Theme Park at Kentucky’s Horse Park

As you probably already know, Kentucky is known for housing some of the most famous horses ever to compete in the Kentucky Derby. You can walk and explore the history, try a horse-drawn trolly ride, or even go horseback riding!

There’s something for everybody at this park. In fact, it's considered one of the best day trips in Kentucky for families who love horses!

3. Go Zip Lining in Louisville Mega Cavern

Louisville Mega Cavern hosts a playground that is underground for both the big and small. There are loads of activities to do, including zipping through dimly lit caves, aerial rope challenges, and even an electric bike tour!

You can swing from the monkey bars while taking in all the impressive scenery this cavern has to offer. Trust us; this is a day trip the family will never forget!

4. Take a City Tour in the Unique Town of Paducah

There are dozens of cool little towns in Kentucky, but Paducah has something many of the others don’t. Paducah sits along the Ohio River and is filled with an impressive history.

You can stroll the streets, take a walk down by the river, and enjoy some local cuisine at some of the best small town kitchens. Plus, many creative artists have settled in this charming town, and plunging into the world of their masterpieces can bring the best cultural experience making it one of the best day trips in Kentucky for families!

5. Take a Break at the Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park

You won’t find any ocean views in Kentucky, but you can enjoy the luxuries of relaxing on a sandy white beach while taking in all the gorgeous views at Pennyrile’s public beach. If you were hoping to spend a day relaxing in the sun and enjoying a nice summer breeze, then this is your perfect spot.

You’ll be mesmerized by the sparkling water, and your family can enjoy swimming. Plus, the sunsets are a must-see!

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