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5 Ways Your Debt Stress Is Costing You More Than Just Money

Your bank account is empty and there is a stack of bills on the table. Some are collectors' notices. Sitting at the table is now something you avoid because you have no money to deal with all those notices. You have debt stress.

Debt stress affects people in ways they don't always see upfront. It plays with our minds and can even affect us physically. For instance, a 2016 article from Psychology Science published the results of a study of 33,720 families in the United States.

The study showed that families, where there were higher unemployment levels, were also those most likely to buy pain killers over the counter.

Find Out How Much Your Debt Stress Is Costing You 

5 Ways Your Debt Is Causing You Stress

1. Low Self-Esteem.

Being broke affects our psyche in ways we don't always realize. It makes people feel like losers, which affects self-esteem. Debt stress particularly makes the family breadwinner feel like they aren't doing enough to take care of their family.

2. Lower Thinking Skills.

It is a scientifically proven fact that debt stress causes less cognitive function, causing problems with people's learning. This can prevent you from learning a new skill or finishing an education that would lead to a better job and better income.

3. Trouble With Relationships.

Debt stress is a major factor in marital discord and divorce. It can also affect your relationships with your children because you can't provide for them the way you want. You miss a lot of their functions because you are working more hours to pay bills.

4. Physical Symptoms

Body pains and illness can be directly associated with debt stress. Some people even get stomach pain or nausea just remember a financially troubling time. Other physical factors include sleep loss, eating disorders, panic attacks, and an increase in paranoia. Some people are too afraid to answer the phone or the door.

5. Addiction Issues

Those in debt stress sometimes turn to addictions. As stated in the study, several high unemployment households matched over-the-counter pain-killing purchases. People can turn to things like alcohol, cigarettes, and pornography too. Not only does this affect things like relationships and money, but addictions affect health.

All of this debt stress gets worse if there is an emergency where people need money quickly.

Funding for Emergencies

One of the problems with many families is that they have little to no savings. This is a real issue when an emergency hits like a car repair or home repair.

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What Should You Use the Money For?

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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