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5 Podcasts To Help You Become Financially Fit

5 Podcasts to Listen to Become Financially Fit

Does the thought of learning about finance give you instant stress and anxiety? Maybe you have a bad experience from the past, such as a difficult class you had in college. If this is the case, you probably feel overwhelmed with trying to balance your bills and expenses.

How Can Podcasts Work for You?

Don’t worry. There are podcasts to help educate yourself without feeling like you’re back in school. Podcasts are great for the person on-the-go. You can listen on your morning run, at your desk at work, or even while laying in bed at night. Here are some of the beginner level financial learning podcasts available for subscription.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

So Money is a podcast available with new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each episode is equipped with a Wall Street guest that is expert in the art of finance. The focuses of these episodes are how to live a happy, healthy, wealthy lifestyle. If you want to get the courage to ask for a raise and don’t have the knowledge or confidence, this is the perfect podcast to listen to.

Stacking Benjamins with Joe Saul-Sehy, OG, and the Gang

Joe and his gang run this podcast with the intention of striking a few laughs from their crowd. The purpose of these episodes are to brush the surface of finance with their listeners. It's a way to get the financial ball rolling in your head without bombarding you with difficult information to grasp. This is a great listen for the person who feels they may get bored while listening to a finance podcast, but really needs to learn how to get started.

Afford Anything with Paula Pant

Listeners of Afford Anything report that they feel more goal motivated after Paula’s podcasts. It is perfect for the person that has dreams but feels that they cannot achieve them due to their lack of money. Paula has many experts on her show that answer viewers' questions and explain where to start when dealing with your finances and how to retire without stress.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income is one of the most popular financial podcasts with around 33 million listeners. This podcast is designed around teaching people how to money on the side. Pat explains to his listeners how to take action in their lives, and gives the instructions on how to get started. His main goal is to educate people on utilizing their opportunities, especially ones we didn’t even know we had.

Listen, Money Matters with Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank

Andrew and Thomas base their show around the fact that, sadly, many people have very little knowledge of how to deal with their finances. Over a cold beer, the two explain to their listeners that it is okay to not know everything there is about finance. The important piece to finance, in their eyes, is keeping your money under control. They will help you do that.


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When in Doubt, Review Your Options

If you are past the point of saving and find yourself in uncontrollable debt, you may want to look into taking out a payday loan. This could help you get back on your feet, and give you the added time to get your finances under control before you are in over your head. If you take out a loan, you can listen to some of these podcasts to figure out where to put this extra cash, and how to take back control over your finances.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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