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How To Spend Money Wisely During The Holidays

Most of us genuinely love the holiday season. Most of us also get financial anxiety during holidays, because we know – some kind of financial trouble arising its head is almost inevitable. While some emergencies may be unavoidable, knowing how to spend money during the holidays and having a working plan may sufficiently decrease both the financial strain and the stress that comes with it. Take advantage of the tips below to avoid unnecessary financial strain during holidays.

Tips On How To Spend Money During Holidays

1. Define Your Budget

Before deciding how to spend money, you need to determine exactly how much money you’ll be spending. Your budget should be large enough to comfortably cover the expenses, leave some wiggle room (a rigid budget is just inviting unplanned expenses), and not run you dry in the meantime. In other words – it’s the amount of money you can comfortably spend without worrying about covering post-holiday living expenses.

2. Make A Shopping List (Following Your Budget)

Now we can move on to the “how to spend money” part. Make two lists:

  1. All the required holiday spending (like gifts for loved ones);
  2. All the avoidable – if enjoyable – holiday spending (say, new festive décor).

Allocate part of the budget to each expense. You should determine the maximum amount you can spend on all the necessary items first, and then move on to the avoidable expenses.

3. Avoid Window Shopping/Amazon Browsing

Stick to the list!!! A big part of how to spend money effectively during the holidays is avoiding unnecessary spending. And the biggest temptation to any budget – holiday or otherwise – are unplanned expenses.

It’s easy to fall into a shopping wormhole if you keep window shopping (or browsing Amazon) for seasonal products, especially when they’re on sale. But even with sales, you’re likely to put a strain on your budget and tear a hole into it. Small expenses are the most insidious of them all. They tend to pile up and put a serious strain when compounded – without you noticing them in the process.

4. Take Advantage Of Free Events

Hosting holiday get-togethers or going out with people could put you in a serious financial hurdle. While yes, spending time with loved ones during the holidays is a must – it shouldn’t run you dry. Instead, try to find free events in your area (like concerts, markets, etc. – there are always plenty around during the holidays) and try to convince your loved ones to give it a chance. Holidays, after all, aren’t supposed to be about money.

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5. Prioritize Budget Options (But Don’t Be A Scrooge)

The biggest hurdle with how to spend money during holidays is optimizing gift-giving. You should be thrifty, but not too thrifty. You need to save money, but in a way that doesn’t signal “I don’t care if you like your present”.

Don’t leave the shopping to the last minute. Be strategic. Keep the eyes out for sales. Check out thrift stores. And keep up with Mercari/Facebook Marketplace and the like. Chances are plenty of people are decluttering trying to make an extra buck – and you might just find a perfect gift.

You can take a look at your stuff as well. Maybe there’s a perfect gift lying around? Worth a try.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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