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How To Save Money Over The Holidays

If you’re wondering how to save money over the holidays, you’re not alone. Some ideas are to have a potluck or a clothing swap. Read on for a great list of how to save money over the holidays!

6 Ideas To Save Money Over The Holidays

1. Make Homemade Gifts

There’s nothing more special than a homemade gift. Whether you make a painting, a craft, a card, knit a sweater, or create a bath blend- your giftee is sure to love it!

Homemade gifts show that you put a lot of thought into what the other person would want and took the time to make the gift yourself instead of going out and buying something. When you make a homemade gift, it adds a personal touch that makes it even more special. The recipient will always think of you when looking at your gift or using it.

2. Have A Potluck

Cooking for the holidays can get expensive! Depending on how many people you’re having over, it can rack up into hundreds of dollars worth of food. An alternative is to have a potluck. This way everyone is chipping in for food. It also takes the burden off of one or two people to cook a huge feast.

It also makes it more fun, as everyone gets to bring their favorite dish, and you get to learn something new about your guests and their traditions. You will be chatting about recipes and the origin of dishes, and dinner is sure to be a large topic of conversation. This will definitely help you with how to save money over the holidays while having a blast!

3. Buy Airline Tickets Ahead Of Time

It’s a big expense if you’re traveling for the holidays! The closer it gets to the holidays, the more expensive airline tickets get. Buy your tickets as soon as you know your plans. You can save hundreds of dollars by buying them a couple of months in advance.

4. Reuse Last Year’s Decorations

Christmas decorations add up fast! If you’re buying a new wreath, lights, Christmas tree, lawn decorations, candles, and more - you’re likely to spend a pretty penny on the new ones. Keep your Christmas decorations box in your garage, attic, or basement.

If you keep your decorations from year to year, they can be passed down as family heirlooms and any children that you have or might have in the future will have fond memories of their favorite nutcracker or candle. So, save that garland and those little tchotchkes. You will make memories along with saving money.

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5. Have A Clothing Swap

A clothing swap is when everyone brings clothes, they want to get rid of, and you share with each other! It is a fun holiday activity that is sure to leave everyone happy at the end of it. It’s like thrifting, except you’re thrifting out of your friends and family’s clothing!

It is exciting to see into somebody’s wardrobe and walk away with clothing you’ve picked out yourself. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt rummaging through everyone’s clothing, and participants are sure to have a good time.

6. Have A Price Limit For Gifts

It’s always uncomfortable when one person spends a lot more than someone else on gifts. You may be on the receiving end of an expensive gift but could only afford to spend $20-$50 on the other person.

Setting a price limit for gifts puts everyone on an even playing field. It also forces you to get creative looking for a gift that’s reasonably priced. Having a price limit for gifts will help everyone learn how to save money over the holidays.

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