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Why Are Payday Loans So Easy to Get?

There are situations in life that arise when we least expect them, situations that involve us having to reexamine our tight budgets in search of emergency money that will help us handle these situations. Whether it's dealing with emergencies, such as a car or house repair or a medical bill, or if you’ve forgotten to budget at a necessary expense, the sudden inability to handle a cost in your month can be stressful. However stressed out you might feel, you do actually have options that can help you get cash quickly.

These options include the traditional route of acquiring a loan through a bank, borrowing money from your family and friends, applying for a low-interest credit card, or payday loans. Unfortunately, some of the options have specific requirements in order to secure them, which may hinder your ability to receive financial relief. When these other options fail, payday loans are an option that you can use in order to obtain your emergency finances. Over the course of this blog, I’ll tell you all about payday loans and show you how easy it is to secure one of these loans from one of our many payday loan places throughout Kentucky. Get comfortable and keep reading to find out more about financial relief in the form of payday loans!

What Are Payday Loans?

Let’s start with the basics – defining payday loans. Payday loans are a short-term loan option that focuses on delivering fast and easy financial relief to those who might not be able to secure other loan types. They differ from other options such as the traditional loans that I mentioned earlier, in that they can be obtained without hassle. This headache-free application process is one of the many reasons why payday loans are so easy to get, but let’s dive into the specific details to answer why they’re easy.

The Application Process is Fast

You can start your application online, from the comfort of your own home and it can be completed in as little as a few minutes. After you submit this form, you’ll receive a call soon after from a representative from your nearest store location. During this call, the representative will go over the next steps of the application process with you. They’ll also schedule a face-to-face meeting to complete the process.

Remember to keep your phone close to you as the representative will contact you shortly after you submit the form. The entire application process can take as little as 30 minutes and you won’t need to fill out a pile of paperwork to secure your money.

Your Credit Score Doesn’t Matter

Do you remember when I told you the traditional loan methods have some specific requirements in order for you to secure them and, without the requirements, you might not be eligible? Unfortunately, the requirement for many of these options is your credit score. Traditional loans obtained from banks and credit cards will only approve you if you have an above-average credit score. This won’t help the many people with below-average credit who need financial relief which is why we don’t worry about your score when considering you for a payday loan. After finishing your application, you can be approved for up to $500, which will be deposited right into your bank account.

Payday Loans Are Versatile

Once the money is deposited into your checking account, the money is yours to use as you see fit. Whereas some traditional banks require a letter of intent when you apply for a loan, we don't require that information. Once you have the money in your account, it's yours to use it as you see fit. Some possible uses for a payday loan include unexpected car repairs, a missed day at work, broken home appliances, utility bills, a medical bill, rent, or debt consolidation if you have many credit cards payments that you’re having trouble keeping separated.

Finding Payday Loan Places

We serve several locations throughout the state of Kentucky, ensuring that you’re never far from fast financial relief. While we do match your location to your nearest store location, check out our Locations Page to find a store close to you.


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How to Get A Payday Loan

Let me break down the application process so you can see just how easy it is and how close you always are to financial relief. Firstly, you finish the online form and submit it, which will place your name and contact information into a queue. One of our representatives will contact you shortly to set up an appointment, during which you’ll be required to provide a few pieces of information, such as:

  • Your driver’s license or state-issued I.D.
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • A blank check from the active checking account in your name

Since we don’t worry about checking your credit score to determine your eligibility for payday loans in Kentucky, we focus on your current employment status for determination. While the representative reviews the information that you provide, you’ll have a chance to ask any questions or voice any concerns you might have. Once you feel comfortable with the process, you’ll fill out some paperwork, and the funds will be deposited into your bank account. It’s that simple.

Finding fast financial relief in a pinch is easy, especially when we make it so easy for you to find payday loan places close to you. Now that you understand how easy the process is, what are you waiting for? Visit our Homepage and start your application today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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