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4 Ways to Make a Last-Minute Holiday Budget

November 29, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Everybody says they’re going to get a head start on the Christmas shopping next year. Then, next year turns into this year and here we go again: just 3 weeks until Christmas and not a single present’s been bought or wrapped. And you know what? It’s okay!

Building Your Christmas Budget

While you may not be on top of your Christmas game like you wanted, very few of us are. Thankfully, there’s still more than enough time to make your list, check it twice and even check to see if you’re getting the best price. Follow these simple steps for a last-minute holiday budget that’ll keep you from searching “payday loans near me” by the New Year.

Make Your List

At Christmas time, a lot of people will hit the shops, outlets, malls, and department stores without having a clue as to what they’re going to buy. Doing Christmas shopping this way is not only more stressful, but it ends up costing way more than it should.

To make things easier and jollier, jot down a list of all the things you want to buy. Figure out who you’re buying for this year and piece together a list of the things you want to get for them. It doesn’t have to be too specific. You just need an idea to start with.

Check It Twice

Now that you have a rough draft of your Christmas shopping list, it’s time to break out the piggy bank and see how much you can realistically afford to spend this year. Narrow down the list of presents that are within your spending range. If you need a little more room in your budget, it doesn’t always hurt to find a side hustle.

Find the Best Price

Now that you have your shopping list and your budget in place, there’s just one more thing you’ll want to do before proceeding to checkout. Take advantage of the Internet and hunt down the best possible prices you can find for the stuff that’s on your list. While you’re at it, you might as well go ahead and order the things you find on the web!

With Christmas still being a few weeks off, it’s a good bet that you’ll get your orders delivered to your door in time for the 25th. Otherwise, you could always opt for in-store pickup. Stores like Target and Wal-Mart make it easier than ever to pull up, grab your orders and go without skipping a beat. Target even has designated parking for online order pick-ups. How cool is that?

Prepare for Next Year

Just because everything’s bought, wrapped and tucked under the tree, doesn’t mean it’s time to kick up your feet by the warm cozy fire just yet. It’s time to start planning for next year! Start setting aside a little bit of money each week to put towards next year’s Christmas shopping budget.

The 52-week challenge is a popular way to do this with ease. And the day after Christmas, everything Christmas-related will be on clearance and sold for dirt cheap.

That’s the time to stock up on stocking stuffers, decorations, wrapping paper, cards and anything else you might need for next year. Stocking up on holiday supplies now will not only make next year’s Christmas a lot less stressful, but you’ll have more time to spend it with family and friends. Who doesn’t want that for Christmas?