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5 Items to Get From Thrift Stores for National Thrift Shop Day (August 17th)

July 19, 2018 | By Louis Tully

When most people leave the house to go shopping, thrift stores might be the last thing on their minds. It makes sense. Why buy someone else’s hand-me-downs when you could always buy new, right? 

The truth is, while it’s always nicer to buy new, the price tag isn’t always as nice to our wallets. This might be one of the biggest reasons why more and more people are actually getting turned on to thrifting.

What to Shop for at Your Local Thrift Store

Thrift stores have been around since forever ago it seems and it’s quickly becoming a mainstream way to shop for clothes, furniture, records, toys, collectibles, antiques and just about anything else at dirt cheap prices.

If payday loans played a part in paying your bills this month, it might be time to look for new ways to save. In honor of Nation Thrift Shop Day, take a break from shopping at Target and see what your local thrift store has to offer. Here are the top 5 go to thrift store items you should be shopping for:


If you’re looking for a new outfit to wear, you’ll find a ton of clothes at the thrift store. Thrift stores are known for carrying used shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, suits, belts, etc. In fact, some things you’ll find hanging on the ‘$5 shirt rack’ aren’t even used. It’s not uncommon for someone to donate duds they’ve never worn with the tags still on them.

Dishes, Pitchers, and Kitchenware

People are always cleaning out their kitchen cabinets to make room for more stuff. Because of that, kitchenware items like pitches, drinking glasses, plates, bowls, and serving trays are almost always found at thrift stores. If you’re lucky, you may even come across an entire set for really cheap.


Kids don’t play with their toys forever. That’s why you’ll find plenty of playthings at the thrift store. They may be used, but it’s nothing a few Clorox wipes can’t fix. Kids don’t necessarily care if their toys come in a box anyway. Playtime is playtime. Just think of how much you could save at Christmas time!


The book section in any thrift store promises to be FULL of great reads, some of which may be incredibly rare. A book can provide hours of entertainment, so you can stay home and save money, making it easy to stay in budget.


Furniture is expensive, but it’s a necessary expense if all you have to sit on is an old futon. Though you might be hard-pressed to find a whole set, you might still find some pieces that could go nicely with your coffee table.

What Will You Find at the Thrift Shop?

The thing is, you never know what you may find at one of these mom and pop shops for hand me downs. So stop in and see what treasures you might bring home today.